“Rúbia Santos is a performer who leaves the audience stunned by her provocative pianism as well as her enthusiastic temperament” (Frankfurter Algemeine Journal, Germany)


Brazilian Pianist Rúbia Santos placed among the most sought-after collaborative pianists from her home country. She is represented by Virtuosi Produções Artísticas in Brazil.

Santos’ performances include the standard classical repertoire, yet she is strongly devoted to presenting works in collaboration with contemporary American and Brazilian composers. She has received many awards and reviews recognizing her unique work as a collaborative pianist as well as her passionate commitment to making her native music accessible to a broad audience. This passion has led her to the forefront of performance and research of Brazilian music. In 2012, Santos’ editions of Eight Art Songs and Eight Piano Pieces by Brazilian contemporary composer, Edmundo Villani-Côrtes, was first published through Ponteio Publishing Inc. in New York. Audio selections of the published piano solo pieces are available on this website.

Santos’ love for poetry and her exceptional knowledge of languages has taken her into various collaborations with bel canto artists. Among them are Christiane Oelze, Deborah Domanski, Laura de Souza, David Dillard, Melanie Ohm, and Luciano Simões.

Santos has premiered various works by South and North American composers, some of them dedicated to her. She gave the recording premieres of the Sonatas for Viola and Piano by Paul Chihara and E. Villani-Côrtes, and Trumpet Songs by Jennifer Higdon. Among her recordings are “Chamber Music of Jennifer Higdon" (Albany Records) “Moyugba Orisha” (White Pine Music Label), “A Brazilian Collection” (Tijuca Label), and music by Brazilian composers M. Camargo Guarnieri and Lina Pires de Campos.

In 2013, Santos became a certified teacher for the Feldenkrais Method®, Awareness Through Movement (ATM). She is focusing on the application of the method for young musicians and pianists.

Currently, Ms. Santos is a faculty member at Metro State University in Denver, a chamber music coach for PYCh (Project Youth and Chamber Music) in Fort Collins, and a vocal coach in Colorado. Ms. Santos is a frequent adjudicator and presenter at MTNA, the College Music Society, and the Mediterranean Studies Association. Previous to the MSU appointment, she was on the faculty at Central Michigan University and the University of Wyoming. She has been a presenter, committee member, and adjudicator for MTNA, the College Music Society, and Mediterranean Studies Association.

After her piano studies with Lina Pires de Campos in Brazil she moved to Germany where she earned her artist diploma in piano solo at the Hochschüle für Musik in Cologne, mentored by Günter Ludwig (solo piano), Hartmut Höll (liedbegleitung), and the Amadeus Quartet (chamber music). She holds a masters and a doctor of musical arts degree in collaborative piano from Arizona State University, having studied with Eckart Selheim (collaborative piano), William Reber (opera), and Caio Pagano (piano).

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Duo Braziliana Arizona
MusicaNova Orchestra Collaborative Concert, Scottsdale
Melanie Ohm, mezzo-soprano
Rúbia Santos, piano
March 6, 2016, 3pm
Voices UnlimitedColorado
Lutheran Church of Hope, Broomfield
Rúbia Santos, piano
December 19, 2015, 4pm
A Caberet Christmas Card
Duo Braziliana Arizona
Friendship Village, Tempe
Melanie Ohm, mezzo-soprano
Rúbia Santos, piano
October 16, 2015, 7pm
Songbook for the Americas
São Paulo City String QuartetBrazil
Theatro Municipal de São Paulo - Praça das Artes
Rúbia Santos, piano
October 1, 2015, 8pm
Celebration of 150th Birthday of Jean Sibelius
Zelda Friednash's Birthday CelebrationColorado
Maggianno’s Little Italy
Rúbia Santos, piano
Ashleigh Janda, soprano
Eric McConnell, bass-baritone
September 5, 2015
An Evening af Art Songs, Opera, and Musical Theater Hits
Abiquiu Chamber Music FestivalNew Mexico
Sarah Wolfson, soprano
Rúbia Santos, piano
July 19, 2015, 2pm
Villani-Côrtes, Bolcom, Turina, Weil
Abiquiu Chamber Music FestivalNew Mexico
Opening Season Recital
Duo Brazil Brilliance
Cármelo de los Santos, violin
Rúbia Santos, piano
June 7, 2015, 2pm
Schubert, J. Higdon, Stravinsky, M. Nobre, F. Mignone
Duo Brazil BrillianceNew Mexico
The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, Roswell
Cármelo de los Santos, violin
Rúbia Santos, piano
April 17, 2015, 2pm
Caio Pagano’s Celebration ConcertArizona
Arizona State University
Rúbia Santos, piano
March 20, 2015
Schubert, J. Higdon, Stravinsky, M. Nobre, and F. Mignone
World Premiere: Brazilian Ballads by Paulo Carvalho
Voices UnlimitedColorado
Lutheran Church of Hope, Broomfield
Rúbia Santos, piano
A Musical Theater/Opera Caberet
May 30, 2015, 4pm
Feldenkrais Method® Workshop for MusiciansColorado
Awareness Through Movement(ATM)®
"Pelvic Clock on Sitting"
 By Moshe Feldenkrais
“Expanding Motion to Enhance Performance”
 By Rubia Santos
University of Colorado at Boulder
Rúbia Santos, ATM Authorized Teacher
November 21, 2014, 12pm
Duo Brazil BrillianceNew Mexico
Chatter Sunday at the Las Puertas, Albuquerque
Cármelo de los Santos, violin
Rúbia Santos, piano
November 9, 2014, 10:30am
G. Enescu – Sonata no. 3, Marlos Nobre - Desafio III, Other Brazilian works
Off the Hook Festival (PYCH)Colorado
St. John's Lutheran Church, Fort. Collins
Rúbia Santos, piano
June 10, 2014, 5:30pm
Mozart Piano Quartet in G minor, K.478
Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method®Brazil
Awareness Through Movement(ATM)®
"Some Fundamental Properties of Movement"
 By Moshe Feldenkrais
“Enhancing Manual Dexterity”
 By Jean Houston and Robert Masters
UNIRIO – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Rúbia Santos, ATM Teacher
November 20-22, 2013
SEMPEM XII Seminário de Pesquisa em MúsicaBrazil
Escola de Música e Artes Cênicas – Universidade Federal de Goiás
Rúbia Santos, piano
October 4, 2013, 10am
Solo Recital - World Premiere of “Eight Piano Pieces”
(Ponteio Publishing, Inc. New York, 2012. Edited by Rúbia Santos)
Salzburger with CheeseColorado
Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, Broomfield
Eric J McConnell, bass-baritone
Rúbia Santos, piano
June 29, 2013, 2pm
Off the Hook Festival (PYCH)Colorado
Fort Collins
Rúbia Santos, piano and Colorado artists
June 19, 2013, noon
The Noon Time Jam (&PB) Concert
Bruce Adolphe, composer and narrator
Abiquiu Chamber Music FestivalNew Mexico
Opening Season Recital
Duo Brazil Brilliance
Cármelo de los Santos, violin
Rúbia Santos, piano
June 9, 2013, 2pm
Sonatas by Enescu, Debussy, E. Villani-Côrtes and other Brazilians
Duo Braziliana in ConcertArizona
Central United Methodist Church
Melonie Ohm, mezzo-soprano
Rúbia Santos, piano
March 17th, 2013, 2pm
Songs from South America
São Paulo City String Quartet and SoloistBrazil
Theatro Municipal de São Paulo
Betina Stegmann, violin
Nelson Rios, violin
Marcelo Jaffet, viola
Robert Suetholz, cello
Rúbia Santos, piano
August 18th, 2012, 7pm
J. Sibelius Quintet with Piano in G minor
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Brazilian Music

International scholarship involving Brazilian culture and music has attracted the attention of a large audience. Contemporary Brazilian composers are commissioned to write works for small, as well as, large ensembles, including theatrical works, such as operas. The purpose of such commissions is to aim, in particular, for performances and recordings. The literature is imprinted with lyric and percussive sonorities, both qualities favored among native composers.

A great number of the repertoire includes music for piano and guitar, the most popular instruments in the country. The Brazilian art song genre has increased in number because the language has unique musical inflection. Many poets and composers have worked together to create intimate works, regardless of whether the music or the text was written first.

Many Brazilian Music Societies were established in the 20th century, to bring awareness about music styles, opening venues for composers and interpreters who were interested in popularizing the literature. As a pianist, I have found it extremely rewarding to promote Brazilian music and I am passionate about divulging the extensive repertoire that includes piano in chamber music and vocal works in addition to solo pieces.

I have pursued eagerly opportunities to bring Brazilian music to a large audience by performing and teaching. Here, the viewer can explore various resources and check out links and my repertoire related to Brazilian art music. ENJOY!


Pires de Campos - Embolada

Duo Braziliana researches and performs Brazilian and Latin American art song. Pianist Rúbia Santos and mezzo-soprano Melani Ohm met at Arizona State University. Since then, both artist have passionately shared their interest for the culture of South America, in particular its weatlh of music and literature. In 2002 Santos and Ohm began collaborating and reseraching works by Brazilian composers of the past and present. The Duo’s international debut was in Genoa, Italy, during the 2006 Mediterranean Studies Association Conference. Santos’ edition of Eight Art Songs by contemporary Brazilian composer Edmundo Villani-Côrtes was released in 2012.

Duo Brazilian is represented by Virutosi Artistic Productions


In 2003 Brazilian singers and researchers started revisiting and discussing about guidelines for singing texts in Brazilian Portuguese language. From that first encounter came a strong interestet and profound scholarly work to publish norms of pronunciation and transcription. The Norms for Lyric Diciton of Brazilian Portuguese were revised and finalized in 2007. Below, you can see a short section of the normative table. The complete source is published on the Jounal of Singing, Volume 65, no. 2 by Martha Herr, Adriana Kayama, and Wladimir Mattos.

"Because of the strong regionalism, as evidenced by the many accents in the country, diction used by classical singers to perform songs in Portuguese is not uniform. Most sounds in Brazilian Portuguese are closely related to their Italian counterparts, so a good knowledge of Italian diction could help beginners in the first approach" (Luciano Simões).

EIGHT ART SONGS by Edmundo Villani-Côrtes

Edited by Rúbia Santos
Ponteio Publishing Inc. 2012

This edition, partially funded by the University of Wyoming, is a detailed study of the selected works for performance. It addresses stylistic approaches related to Brazilian musical genres and aims to guide performers and educators in learning Villani-Cortês’ works. The works’ formal design is traditionally classical and yet pervaded with musical elements from popular styles found in Brazil. This edition provides stylistic considerations on character, tempo markings, phrasing, articulation, dynamics, fingering, and pedaling. In In addition, Villani-Côrtes’ art songs required a complete review, including the versification of the texts and adequate alignment of the prosody with the musical notation. It is worth mentioning that the selected works are here published for the very first time.  

EIGHT PIANO PIECES by Edmundo Villani-Côrtes

Edited by Rúbia Santos
Ponteio Publishing Inc. 2012

This edition, partially funded by the University of Wyoming, includes the transcriptions for solo piano of seven original songs and of O passarinho da Praça da Matriz, a work originally composed fo choir and symphonic band.

  • Casulo
  • Baile imaginário
  • Valsinha de roda
  • O passarinho da Praça da Matriz
  • A fonte eterna
  • Balada dos 15 minutos
  • Canção de Carolina
  • Sem nome


Cinco Canções Nordestinas do Folclore Brasileiro
I. Capim de pranta
II.O Kinimba
III. Nigue-nigue ninhas
IV. Sao João da-ra-rão
V.Engenho novo
As tuas mãos
A velha historia
Dentro da noite
Berceuse da onda
Canção do mar
Canção do mar
Meu coração
A casinha pequenina
Ave Maria
Vai, Azulão
Cinco Poemas de Alice
I. Pedido
II. E agora...so me resta a aminha voz
III. Nao posso mais esconder que te amo
IV. Recolhi no meu coração a tua voz...
V. Promessa
Elvira escuta
Eu gosto de você
Não adianta dizer nada
O impossivel carinho
Onde andará
Lembranças do losango caqui
Quatro Cantigas
I. Vamos dar a despedida
II. Cantiga
III.Não sei...
IV. A cantiga da mutúca
Tanta coisa a dizer-te
Três Canções Brasileiras
I. Quando embalada
II. Quebra o coco, menina
III. Vou-me embora
Acorda donzela!
Ave Maria
Quem sabe...
O vento
Billete àquela que ainda está por nascer
O menino doeste
Poemeto erótico
Ponto de mãe sereia (Duet)
Receita para o amor
A estrela
Alma adorada
Cantiga do ai
Cantiga de ninar
Dona Janaina
O docê nome de você
Outro improviso
O passarinho está cantado
Três Canções Simples
I. Visões
II. Noite e dia
III. Cotidiano
Coração indeciso
Numa concha
Serenata di un moro
Dengues da mulata desinteressada
Pinto (Aloísio)
O Fulu Lorerê ê
Pires de Campos
Eu sou como aquela fointe
Voce diz que me quer bem
Acalanto da rosa
Amor emlágrimas
Ouve o silencio
Breve serenata
Canções de amor - Série No. 1
I. Acalanto da rosa
II. Bem pior que a morte
III. Balada da flor da terra
IV. Amor que partiu
Em algum lugar
Levavas a madrugada
Meu destino
Jogo da lua nova
Jogo do tantangue
Jogo de Varisto
Lua cheia
Na palma da mão um estrela
Trova de muito amor para um amado senhor
Souza (Oswaldo)
Renda de crivo
Valsinha de roda
Baile imaginário
São Paulo
Sem nome
Sina de cantador
Choro urbano
Canção deCarolina
Bachianas Brasileiras No.5
I. Aria (cantilena)
II.Dansa (martelo)
Ave Maria
Canção do poeta do século XVIII
Canção do Carreiro (Seresta 8)
Estrelaé luanova
Jardim fanado
Lundu a Marqueza de Santos
Melodia sentimental
Na paz do outono (Seresta 6)
Nesta rua
Redondilha (Seresta 12)
Viola quebrada
Duo Braziliana
Academia Brasileria De Música
Música Brasileira de Concerto
Música Brasilis
Guia de Música Contemporâneo Brasilerio
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The field of Collaborative Piano is exciting and creative! In every partnership, we engage in an adventurous endeavor, not only through music, but more so through our own selves. I have been passionate about exploring and learning the vast collaborative repertoire, sharing it with singers and instrumentalists, as we pass it all to an eager audience! Performing and teaching collaborative work is an ongoing process in this profession, which I have always enjoyed! I invite you to explore the collaborative repertoire, and go to “Discography” for listening to selected performances.

“The piano gives me energy and I give the piano energy...when you add in the people you make music with, it really becomes quiet any electric thing.” (Pianist Warren Jones)

  Copyright 2013-2014 © Rúbia Santos. All rights reserved.  

Practicing the Feldenkrais Method® has promoted profound and positive results in my approach to professional life as a pianist and teacher. The method has proven very effective for my piano students as well. It facilitates and advances piano and music skills as the awareness and understanding of the components of the method become "functionally integrated” into the practice of the instrument.

The study and application of the Feldenkrais Method® for pianists also enhances performance, contributing to the relief of performance anxiety. This issue has troubled and even impaired many pianists and other musicians. The method improves self-confidence, curiosity, and enthusiasm in playing, which are necessary qualities for musicians and artists exposed to stage performances.

Please click here to see the video "Feldenkrais for Musicians" from the 2010 Feldenkrais for Musicians workshop at the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Music, co-sponsored by UW - Madison School of Music and The College Music Society.

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Visit Rúbia Santos' profile as teacher at this link below:

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  • Higdon - Legacy
  • Higdon - Hop and Toe (World Premiere Recording)

"Legacy for violin and piano is yet another example of why Jennifer’s music is so directly appealing. This is a straight forward neo-Romantic musing that the composer states is intended to represent “life’s wholeness, the good and the bad…” This elegant work is played with great emotion by John Fadial, violin with Rubia Santos, piano"

"Trumpet Songs has a similar lineage, being a set of nine melodies from art songs Higdon composed some years earlier. There is definitely a lyrical quality to these lovely little pieces and Scott Meredith, trumpet, with Rubia Santos on piano has a wonderful classical tone that carries the melodies in a gorgeous, unassuming way"

--Daniel Coombs (Audiophile Audition Magazine)

  • Chihara - Sonata for Viola and Piano
  • Villani-Cortes - Sonata for Viola and Piano, I. Moderato 1

“Several of the recordings are world premieres, including the title work and Japanese-American composer Paul Chihara's "Sonata for Viola and Piano." Joining Juan-Miguel Hernandez (the viola in the Harlem String Quartet) on this release is CMU faculty member Rúbia Santos. Her pianism contributes culturally to the album, Santos hailing from Brazil!”

  • Duda - Suite Recife, "Andrea" (Baião)

“This unique collection has just the right balance of lyrical melodies and saucy rhythms that will please lovers of both classical and Latin American music. A must-have for even those with little or no musical background but who appreciate good music. Many of the works included were written for the performer himself and make their debut with this album. The quality of this performance is excellent” (Connor Smith)

  • Pires de Campos - Allegro para violino e piano

  • Guarnieri - Sonata no. 4 for Violin and Piano, II. Intimo
  • Guarnieri - Sonata no. 4 for Violin and Piano, III. Intimo

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